Sunday, 26 April 2009

Spinning And Knotting by M.

Trusted colour combination - this one reminds me of 'Love Letter'. I've made 4 blocks so far and plan to do 5 more... need to get ahead of G. and I. as I plan to make a larger quilt (and tend to quilt less... more slowly...). Several joint projects lined up already... love it.


Delayed Mail by M.

This block is not one of the Civil War Diary Quilt ones. It is from the sister-book 'Civil War Love Letters'. It is part of our homework this month though and because I am still planning (questioning my sanity) to make a larger quilt, I need more blocks...
Ever since I started I have forced myself to use green and yellow fabrics (not my favourite..)... to discover I had hardly used any red. I decided to remedy it... although the amount of red in this block is less than I'd anticipated.


Hiring Help With Some Bartering by M.

I'd been struggling to use these two fabrics, although we bought them months ago. Love the result - a blue block, complimenting my 'John Morgan' block.


Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Selling The Livestock by M.

I am still halfway 'Soldiers Ladies Aid Society', but I needed a finish. So... a quick nine-patch. Colours resemble those in the book for once. It allowed me to use two new fabrics we bought recently.


Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Back From Bruges...

Spend a couple of days in Bruges (Belgium) last week and absolutely loved it...
Stained class windows in a snowball pattern in a monastry church window...
... Outdoor lace street plan along one of the canals... also visited two quilt shops.


Saturday, 11 April 2009

Present Deplorable State by M.


Declaration of War by M.

Complex piecing...

Telegram by M.


Homework plus bonus

Declaration of War. This was the first homework block I made and I had so much trouble piecing the paper pieced parts back together again!
Present Deplorable State. This paper piecing block was a breeze compared to the first.
Furlough. Turned out a bit rectangular in stead of square... what can you do.
Telegram. Nice block to piece... no paper involved
Soldiers Ladies Aid Society. While making this one I hated myself for not using the paper piecing method! The pieces were so very small, it was almost impossible to keep the seams straight. I would probably have been kicked out the Ladies Aid Society, had I ever been in it...
Pet Regiment. My bonus block for this month. Rosemary Young forgot to add a white piece (again), so I changed it a bit around. I kept calling this block Pet Shop Boys. So here's a week's hard work for you! I'm ready for our next quilting lesson on Tuesday! G.

Friday, 10 April 2009


In our library the local quiltgroup organized an exhibition. It was just great to see all the beautiful quilts they had made. The group is called "de Meerquilters".

A Kaffee Fassett bow tie quilt! M. can get some inspiration from this one! G.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Furlough by M.

Decided this morning that I love the colour scheme. A breeze... it took me 45 min to assemble this one - did not use any pins, no ripping. Funny how we all have difficulty with different blocks... for me it is dreaded pinwheels. Never a gentle breeze for me, but guaranteed severe storms turning the wheels. Caught the last sun rays of the day to take a picture...
Next one... 'Present Deplorable State'...
PS. Nothing wrong with my sewing machine... it is me really - every single time... oh well...

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Undecided - Furlough


The Great Bazar by M.

Pfew... I finished 'the Great Bazar'. Hurray! Onto the next one... only my sewing machine is playing tricks on me... tiny loops at the back... so... I decided to switch the thing off, publish this post and start it up all over again. Usually helps...


Saturday, 4 April 2009

Seasonal Blessings Finished

I've finished the cross-stitching of the "Seasonal Blessings". It was M.'s idea to turn it into a little quilt. One with a yellow gingham for Roma and one with a purple gingham for little Miss T. This one is for Roma, I made a little yellow hart in "summer". ( the original heart was in the shape of the american flag...) G.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Antiekje 1

Quilt stash enhancement during our monthly cross stitch get-together... As off last night I am the proud owner of a Quilt Salon original... namely 'Antiekje 1'. Our dear friend and mentor A. opened a webshop (and will teaching a quilt class in April), She also sells very cute embroidery kits. Loved the colours of this one... I just had to have it. The '1' after 'Antiekje' implies there will be more... the next one will have lace... can't wait.

Sewing Class Projects by M.

Very Vogue Dresses will be my focus for the next Sewing Class trimester.

The black (very 1960's... Diana Rigg... The Persuaders... in my honest opinion) dress is full of tucks... whole front and back of the dress (interestingly enough in one panel) you see in the picture was covered in white threads... quite a puzzle to match the threads to make the tucks and darts. It is a fully lined winter dress and will probably be finished just in time for Summer to start...

Notice the 'Very Easy' Vogue label for my flowery Summer dress... the short version. Without the bow in the front... will do a sash instead... after all I am not an Easter egg!!

Both to be finished by early June. Insane? Nearly... will keep you posted on progress and my sanity level...

Seasonal Blessings Update by M.

I know G. almost finished hers... I'm pretty pleased with my progress as well. Ultimately... it will be a present for Little Miss T.'s new bedroom.