Monday, 21 January 2008

Wish List G.

Quilting Projects:

1. Quilting of Big Sister’s Kaffe Quilt.
2. Quilting of the Wild Animals Quilt for Junior (backing fabric arrived last week, in less than a week from the USA, thank you,!!)
3. Circle in a Square Quilt
4. Patchwork Party Quilt ( Christmas Quilt).
5. Kaleidoscope Quilt with Dutch fabrics for my father
6. Find a flowery patchwork pattern to use with the 30s and 40s fabrics for my mom

Cross Stitch Projects:

1. Finish Family Sampler (deadline is April, 8)
2. Start Holy Communion cross stitch for Big Sister (deadline is April, 20)
3. Start wedding sampler for my sister (deadline is end of September)
4. “Spring” the last of the Elizabeth’s Designs in the Four Seasons Stitching Club
5. Discovered I have tons of great stitching projects in my “to do”box... Will pick one as soon as the other four are finished!

And first of all THE dress! Tried my lockmachine last night with a scrap of the silk fabric, and it looks very good. Had to unpick all my stitches of the house on my family sampler, however, so no progress for now. G.

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Dress in Progress - Act 1

A rainy Sunday afternoon. A dress in progress, due April 20th... or preferably a couple of days earlier.


New Year's Eve Stash Enhancement

I couldn't resist a New Year's Eve Sale at The Silver Needle. Twenty-five percent discount... if you hit the 'confirm' button between 06.00 and 06.59am Tulsa, Oklahoma time.
It arrived on Wednesday.

Monday, 14 January 2008

Dear G.

Dear G,

You were so right to push me into posting this quilt ;-) My first post in 2008 on the first quilt I ever made. I cannot remember when I discovered Kaffe Fassett's fabrics - maybe you remember? - but it was an instant, deep love... When I discovered the pattern for this utility quilt in Kaffe's V&A Museum book, I was instantly hooked once again... by the simplicity of the pattern. Little did I know at the time that the patchwork part is the easy bit... quilting the top that's the real challenge. But don't you agree we have come a long way?!? Had you told me 20 years ago, back in 1988... that this would be in our future...I would not have believed you! And this year we're going to see these V&A quilts with our very own eyes.

Apart from seeing the V&A quilts... what is my wishlist for 2008? To stitch and quilt... not my stash wishlist... wink ;-).

To Stitch:
  • Finish my nephew's Winnie the Pooh height chart
  • A Surprise Stitch
  • Cloister Garden by Drawn Thread
  • Sanctuary by Drawn Thread
  • Angel of Love by Lavender & Lace
  • Start our '2000 Years Ago' Xmas project (again)

To Quilt:

  • Finish Little Miss T's quilt
  • Feathered Star cushion
  • Circle In The Square lap quilt
  • Continue the Triangle Traktatie
  • Kaffe's Courthouse Steps
An ambitious list I hear you say. Mmm... you're right. Then again I just love dreaming!
G., what do you plan to do this year?!


Btw... I love Winter

Finished Winter

Last night I finished "Winter", my third Elizabeth's Design pattern of the "Four Season Stitching Club". My next project will be to finish my family sampler, which has to be framed and ready by April 8, our wedding anniversary. G.

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Make It and Take It

M. and I did another "Make it and take it" session at our favourite quiltstore in Haarlem, Irma´s Sampler. Our wonderful friend and guru A. taught us how to make yo yo´s in flower shapes. We made hairpins for the girls. M. decided we should use these yo yo´s on Big Sister´s communion dress. So I bought the shapes and more of course.... G.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Wild Animal Top Finish!

Well, here's two days and one evening of hard work for you... One finished quilt top! Now I have to show it to M. and A. for quilting advice. I've made great use of my new ironing board. What a relief to keep the blocks lying on the table in stead of them sliding down every few minutes. G.

Friday, 4 January 2008

Final Version

After an hour of moving the blocks around, Junior decided this would be the final version. The blocks on the right are the same as those on the left, he wanted a kind of pattern in the quilt and in the middle he placed his favourite, the tiger print. G.