Friday, 6 November 2009

Quilt Exhibition in Hoofddorp

I lived in Hoofddorp for four years, but had never noticed this little church. The local quiltgroup (21 ladies) organizes a quilt exhibition every three years, so I was lucky to have heard of it!

When entering the church I noticed this masterpiece, a Dear Jane, which I photographed for I. and M., to give them inspiration for their quilts.

This one is called "My workroom" so cute with the small rotary cutters and other sewing appliances.

I can never walk past a quilt in Dutch fabrics of course.

This is a Sunbonnet Sue, but with a Dutch twist. The woman who made it told me she wanted to use our own Dutch holidays in this quilt, so she put in Sint Maarten for Halloween, and Sinterklaas (shoes by the fireplace) for Christmas. She also substituted the turkey being chased with a hatchet by a appletree.

The ladies inspire each other to start the same projects. I had so much fun playing hooky this morning! G.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Finished Doll

One very proud little girl. G.