Thursday, 27 May 2010

CWDQ homework April and May

Pay and Bounty. This block is not from the "Civil War Diary Quilt"book, but from the "Civil War Love Letters"book by the same author. All three of us had a problem with the Misfortune block (which we made some months ago), it resembles a swastika. In order to have the 121 blocks I need for the quilt, I'm going to replace it with this one.
A Glorious Rainbow
Surrender of Vicksburg (the paperpiecing pattern was only 6" and should have been 6,5". I had to add an extra border to make it larger).
The Longest Morning
Lincolnites Whipped
The Southern Cause
Confusion and Turmoil,
My friend B. asked me why I had posted so little on our blog. Well, this is why, I've used the May vacation to catch up on my block making. (and I also seem to be the only one posting anymore....M. is working on her Cool Diamonds quilt by Kaffee Fassett, which is turning out beautifully... I hope she will share her progress with us some time) G.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

New skirt for R.

Spring has finally hit the Haarlemmermeer, so it's time to wear a new skirt. G.