Saturday, 23 February 2008

Feathered Star Continued

The Feathered Star turned out to be quite a breeze... At first I wanted to turn the block into a cushion, but now I'm thinking of at least two cushions and maybe more.... G.

Birthday Cake

It's Big Sister's birthday tomorrow, so Barbie has to loose her traditional pink outfit and wear Big Sister's favourite colours: yellow and orange. The cake is all ready, now wait and see if the birthdaygirl feels better tomorrow, she's feeling feverish today... G.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Feathered Star

Friday February 15th, M. and I did another wonderful workshop in our favourite quiltshop, Irma´s Sampler in Haarlem. We were taught how to make a Feathered Star block by our teacher Lucy. Lucy gave us permission to publish the photo´s of her wonderful quilt designs, thank you so much! Check out her great weblog, she makes so many beautiful quilts: Quilting with the past

One feathered star consists of nine blocks. We made two in the workshop (10 to 15.30), so don´t expect our blocks to be on the blog very soon. I liked this block very much (much better than the triangle tractatie), but that´s perhaps because I worked a bit neater this time (I had another not so good moment with working quick and dirty this week), and I used better fabric (t.i. more expensive fabric!). We worked so very hard, that we did not even take the time to browse the store and we went home with only one new fabric! Well, we can change that soon, because our next workshop is in March! We are very excited to do a workshop taught by the shopowner, GrĂ©. I´ll keep you posted! G.

Golden Oldies

I finally found the pictures my dad made for me ages ago! Speaking of ages ago, I made the "Twelve Days of Christmas" for my mother, two Christmasses ago (??). It´s one of our family´s favourite Christmas songs, and we love to shout it louder and louder, whilst my sister is playing the piano faster and faster!

This one is truly a golden oldie!! It´s one of my first cross stitch projects, which I started somewhere in January, hoping I would finish it before Mother´s Day! Needless to say, I was finished quite in time!! M. made one for me, and helped me with the tassle and cord around it. G.

The German Bed

Here she is: Baby Sister with her quilt!

Here are Baby Sister´s pictures of the Sister´s Choice quilt I made for her. And a questionaire is attached to it:

1. Which side of the bed is mine?
2. How many red and blue squares are in the picture?

I´m sure she had the answer to one of the questions! G.