Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Chain Sewing

Five Triangle Traktatie blocks - work in progress...

Monday, 29 October 2007

Life is Sweet

Today I am 24... Enjoy! Life is a rollercoaster, tomorrow I might be 36 again...


All these tools and still no finished skirts! G.


As you can see, Little Miss T. is very happy with the progress M. has made on her quilt. M. has added the purple borders, which was no easy task keeping the flower flowing the same way. G.

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Triangle Traktatie Progress

Progress is slow, but last night I finished another 2 blocks.

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Freehand Feathers

Yesterday we discovered the wonders of our sewing machine foot. We did a workshop at Sylkamode in de Rijp and learnt how to draw with our Pfaffs. It was great! Sylvia, the teacher, taught us all about machine quilting feather forms. All we have to do now is work on getting our stitches nice and even and we can quilt anything!

And it was great to be in her shop again. I had missed browsing through the bolts of fabric. And we had a great find: fabrics for Juniors wild animal quilt. G.

Purple Blob aka Eeyore

It is about time I showed you progress on the Winnie height chart. Progress is slow... so far all I can show you is a purple blob... Eeyore is facing upwards, his teeth stuck in a branch (the two white holes on the picture are his eyes) - and all his friends will be dangling below, clinging to Eeyore's tail. Apart from Tigger who is floating in the air, hanging on to a couple of balloons.
Trouble picturing the end result from this purple blob? So have I...even while knowing what the end result will look like.


Friday, 19 October 2007

Junior Wants a Quilt!

This is just the best news of all. I've been trying to find a quilt-design my 12 year old son would like, but he threw out any idea I came up with, until..... I bought a "Burda"quilting magazine in Horst and he wanted this quilt:

So now I'll have to start looking for animal prints! G.

Finish and Start.... (in that order!)

Well, boring Piet turned into cute Piet over my holiday. Don't you just love the guy. I've worked so hard on zwarte Piet that I had to go looking for a DMC selling shop in Limburg. Thanks to "het Schippertje"in Horst, I could finish Piet finally!!

And then I had to start on boring Sinterklaas! All the boxes are done, haven't I been busy or what??? G.

Short Autumn Break

I've just returned from a short holiday with my family in Limburg, in the south of the Netherlands. We had a great time and visited the regional museum "de Locht" nearby Horst. I was surprised to find 5 old sewingmachines! I like my own Pfaff in pink better.... G.

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Two Happy Customers

After a day of hard work, M and I finished the skirts for the girls. With some remote help from M´s mom. Aren´t they lovely (both the girls and the skirts)? G.

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Sister's Choice Continued

These will be my last blocks for the Sister's Choice quilt before I go on holiday. If I leave in one of the kissing farmers-blocks, I have to make six more blocks. I'll have to get some more advice on the block, whether it can stay or not. M. says no, baby sister says yes, so that's not helping yet. G.

4 More Blocks

Two evenings of work results in four more blocks. Sister's Choice is on its way. G.

Monday, 8 October 2007

Triangle Traktatie - Block 4

Another 91 to go... Poor light, it is the best I can do at this time of day...


We've waited for over a month for the last fabrics for Little Miss T and Miss R's quilts. Don't you just hate the customs office. The other fabrics are for M.'s Triangle Traktatie quilt and she just couldn't wait for Thursday to see them... G.

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Another Two

Another two Sister's Choice blocks, and now 11 to go... Bought some great fabrics yesterday, so I can continue behind the sewingmachine. G.

My Cutting Table

I discovered I have the perfect 'cutting table', aka my grandmother's sewing machine. The perfect quilt triangle... cut my blocks at my cutting table, my sewing machine stands on my desk and my lovely ironing board for the finishing touch. First three blocks (and one 'half' block) are finished (I did a fourth one after the picture was taken).

Triangle Traktatie

Finally... yesterday was the day of our Triangle Traktatie workshop. We arrived pretty early, in time to do some shopping prior to class. Bought some fat quarters for my Triangle Traktatie, as well as some replacing the ones that were ruthlessly discarded on Friday.
I was a bit hesitant uploading photos of our teacher's quilt (and hope she won't mind)... but G.'s family would like to see the end result. To see the Triangel Tractatie finished and quilted by Lucy, take a look here

The Last One - Spot of Winter

Saturday, 6 October 2007


The reward for another swimming exam... Her very own Cinderella dress. Just waiting for Prince Charming to come along.... G.

Outback Boots

Introducing my very own Outback Jillaroo boots, just like the ones Claire and Tess wear in McLeod's Daughters. I'm never taking them off again. G.

Friday, 5 October 2007

2 Down, 13 To Go....

Finished another two Sister's Choice blocks. However, I dropped another two, so still 13 blocks to go.... Learnt a lot about contrast from these blocks (and how to keep the lines straight). G.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Make It and Take It

A few weeks ago we did a mini workshop at our favourite quilt shop, Irma´s Sampler in Haarlem and were taught how to make a coaster by our quilting guru, Anke. Seeing all the new workshops for the winter season made us sign up for one more. There are so many things to learn and it´s all so great to try. G.

Halfway There and Having Doubts: Sister´s Choice Quilt

Well, here it is, the preview of my Sister´s Choice quilt. I have at least 13 more blocks to go, but this will be the setting and I will put a red border around it (picked out by Baby Sister). At first I wanted to make blocks with small sashings between, but it was way too much, Baby Sister would go to sleep dizzy every night, I suppose. Then there are still some choices to be made. Below are two blocks as they should be; the pattern is very clear in these:

Now I´m having doubts about the following blocks... The fabrics are very cute, but the pattern is hardly visible. What do you think, Baby Sister?


And then the last one: Just horrible, I´m sorry.

Love to hear some comments, please! G.