Saturday, 28 March 2009

Easter Wreath(s)

M. and I made this wreath last night. We're ready for spring. Now let's just hope the birds won't steal our eggs. G.

Here is mine... M.

A T-shirt for Ttttttris

Tristan designed this t-shirt himself. It's the same as his blue one for the winter, but now it has a T on the back. G.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Les Anneaux... Testing Trial

Last month I bought the kit of 'Les Anneaux' as shown in the January/February edition of the Quiltmania. Followed the New York Beauty workshop at De Sampler last Saturday, bought freezer paper (a complete box... 12 meters...only paid for 9 ... to last me a lifetime... or at least one 'Les Anneaux' quilt, a couple of 'Dear Jane's' and a 'Sylvia's Bridal Quilt'...) and ran out of excuses not to start. Today I traced the pattern on freezer paper to start on some trial blocks. Also a good excuse to get rid of some horrible fabric. Finished one... looks pretty good - apart from the last couple of centimeters. What did I learn... I need to make the outer pattern piece larger; 1 cm - including seam - is too small to hold on to... Besides that I am pretty happy with the result... will make the remainder of the test blocks the day I start a real one...

Scissors Case by M.

Finally finished my scissors case. Just in time to show to G. and I. on Tuesday when we meet for our next sewing basket contender... a scissors fob.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Civil War Diary Class - March

All the blocks of our class on the wall... Watch how the number of blocks decreases... Who did the most homework...
Again, we are in the top three of our class! First row, G. Second row, I. third row, M.

Our new homework for nnext month. The blocks aren't getting any easier! G.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Sneek Preview - The Great Bazar by M.

I was so relieved on Saturday when I. told me she paper-pieced this block... I was dreading this one... now my fear has dwindled... a bit... I migt replace the yellow block with another yellow fabric... one with pink roses...

Hospitals by M.

This block is actually from the Civil War Love Letters book... the teacher sneeked this one in... I'll probably use more blocks from that book, as I need more blocks to get the right size quilt.


PS.Notice the bathwater running in the background...

Knitting and Reading by M.

Luckily I finished this too late to take a decent 'sunlight' picture... so I am back to my trusted bathroom...

Panic by M.

No panic here... Civil War turmoil.

Churches Spared by M.

Pretty in pinks and blues...


I was inspired by I.'s potholders to finally use these cute fabrics I bought some time ago. It was about time I made some potholders for myself! Now I'm waiting for pictures of the workshop M. and I. did last Saturday! G.

Friday, 6 March 2009


My mom and I went to Leiden for the Stoffenspektakel, for the new summer fabrics. From left to right, top row: Sleeping Beauty (pink satins) for Little Miss T.'s birthday (secret project!), top for R. , pink dots for both girls, summer dresses. Yellow flowers for a skirt for R. with a matching striped tricot for a shirt. Red and grey tricot for my son, who wants a shirt with his name on the back! White floral for a skirt for R. and red and white dots for matching trousers. Bottom row: shirt fabric for little old me, purple cherries for a top for little miss T. and a purple flower print for a dress. Purple for a shirt for guess who?? Blue silk for a bridesmaids dress for little miss T. In the Groenoordhallen it looked purple, sorry little miss T. Pink linen for a dress for me! Now all I have to do is make the lot! Oh, I forgot the gold organza on top, that is for curtains! Thanks for all the help, mom! Couldn't have done it without you. G.

Sunday, 1 March 2009


Hospitals, the last homework-block. And I forgot to take fabric from our CWDQ stash to make it. I couldn't leave it at that of course. I wanted to finish my homework NOW. So I went through my fabric stash and found these. This block is from the second book by Rosemary Youngs, the Civil War Love Letter. I didn't want to make it at first, thinking 121 blocks from the first book would be quite enough, but then I thought I could perhaps use this one to replace the Abe Lincoln block, so here it is...
I'm still left wondering what M. made in this almost F. less weekend.... G.