Sunday, 26 October 2008

Union Soldiers

I just discovered what it is I dislike about paper piecing: it's a bit like painting by numbers. Couldn't stand that either. Anyway... here is the first of my three homework blocks, Confederate soldiers, of course in the stars and stripes. Don't worry, M., Lincoln won't make it in my quilt. G.

New Skirt

I finished a new skirt for my daughter. It's a very cute pattern with six triangles in the hem... G.

Van Nelle

Yesterday G. and I went to the 'Handwerkbeurs' at the old Van Nelle factory.

Our goals:
- Buy Kaffe Fassett fat quarters and background fabric for the masterclass I'll be attending in Leeuwarden on 18 November. My goal actually... G. agreed to try and tackle this first (even before going to the loo)... to calm my nerves...
- Add to our Civil War fabric stash.
- And to buy a present.

Reached our goals and a little more - we also bought a small felt Christmas project that we now have to assemble in 1 night. Luckily we managed to avoid the knitting bug - probably not for long. We both loved the multi-coloured socks. No knitted tea cozy in sight.

Some quilts by Nel Meijer - amazing level of detail and colour.

My Kaffe fabrics on the table at G.'s parents... now all I have left to do is cut 1100 squares by 18 November. G. cheerily did the numbers... about 50 a day...

Sunday, 19 October 2008

First Two Blocks For This Month

I did the easiest blocks first, so I could work on the skirts for the girls for a while and still have the feeling I´m right on track with my Civil War-homework. I tend to leave the paper piecing stuff for last. I bought all eight yards of the white (bone) fabric last week, so now I´ll have to finish the entire quilt! So the next three years I´ll be posting blocks! G.

Purple Skirt For Little Miss T.

The picture is not very good, but it will have to do for now. I finished this purple skirt last night. Why do zippers have to be so very difficult? G.


Last week I finished these trousers for the girls. I thought I was finished when the eldest said: Too tight! Wraaaaaaaah... Couldn´t you have told me when I tried them on (during their favourite tv show... not very wise..). G.

Bitter Enemy

Added a fourth colour. Do not know why, just felt like the right thing to do.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Union Soldiers

Colourwise way out of my normal comfort zone.

Monday, 13 October 2008


A month of intense anxieties in the diary... flaming fabric reflecting the turmoil.

Conscript Law

Fitting title... I felt drafted... going through the motions... dreaded pinwheels. Could not avoid them this time. Pretty confederate grey fabric!
Last block is nearly finished...


Hungry Soldiers

G. picked purple shades for her 'Hungry Soldiers', a fitting colour so I also choose purples from our stash.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Pretty Pumpkins

Autumn craft workshop flavour.


Thursday, 2 October 2008

Wedding Finish

This weekend was my sister's wedding (you might have noticed it on the blog, yes right, the Hollywood 30's wedding). I made her this little cross-stich project called Wedding Spot by Bent Creek. It had an enormous "I do"in the corner, which doesn't mean that much here in Holland (especially as they were officially married a few days earlier), so I changed the pattern a bit. I loved working with the Gentle Art Sampler Threads and the silver charm just fits my sister. It's an elongated heart not just an everyday simple one. It measures only 10x10 cm, it's so very cute. G.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Slowly Catching Up - Special Blessings

As both G. and I. have finished all four blocks I had some catching up to do. Slowly getting there... first block 'Special Blessings'. As the diary entry talks about hope for a new year, gratefulness that all loved ones are still alive, I picked light colours with a touch of gloom. On the other hand I might have just liked the fabrics.