Monday, 28 July 2008


I've been away for two weeks for a holiday to Germany. I didn't do as much "kreuz-stich"as I had hope to, but I made some progress with the Seasonal Blessings sampler.
Last year I saw some old sewingmachines in museums, but I really had to search for one this time. Here's an old Pfaff machine in the "Freilichtmuseum" in Konz.
M. is making the same sampler as I am, and is going to give it to her customer Little Miss T. She had a great idea of turning it into a little wall hanger quilt with our gingham fabric leftover of the quilts for the girls. It's quite fun doing some cross stitch again, especially now that M. has given me a whole new series of McLeod's Daughters to watch.... G.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Birthday Boy

This year the request was for a space cake, don't worry, not the Amsterdam version. I'm so happy that I have discovered a shop that has Wilton icings and colourings for cake, so I don't have to wait for anyone going to the States anymore.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Four Seasons Are Finished!

I finally finished "Spring". Now all four seasons are ready to be framed. I can´t get enough of the seasons, as I am starting a new cross-stitch project with Angels and Seasons... That will be my holiday project this summer... G.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Little Miss T. Has A Purple Quilt!

This is a very very happy customer! M. has finished her purple quilt and she just loves it!
The quilt is made of Kaffee Fassett fabric. M's favourite designer.

M. even added a purple ribbon to her bedsheet. She quilted the quilt beautifully with purple variegated thread. The back is a purple and white gingham.

OK, once more our happy little Miss T. Now all the pressure is on me... Three of my four kids have a quilt now and someone is feeling a bit left out. Back to work. G.

Wild Animals Continued

Big Sister is ready for her ballet camp next month! The theme for the camp is: Africa, so I used up the last of my fabric from Junior's quilt. The zebra print didn't make it in the quilt, but looks lovely as a skirt! I did not have enough fabric of one animal print to make an entire top, so I had to combine the two. G.

Friday, 4 July 2008

Junior's Quilt Is Finished!

About a year ago, Junior saw a picture in a magazine of a quilt he liked. The top was made quickly enough, but I was rather dreading the quilting... Then our guru A. helped me find a pattern for quilting. (all straight lines, as easy as possible). And I was surprised that I was able to finish the quilt in 10 evenings. Now I have found the courage to start quilting Big Sister's quilt too, which has been in a box for much too long... G.

I am very happy with the backing fabric (also a choice of Junior himself). I hate myself for buying so little of it, it was a lot of pulling and tucking to get it to fit.